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Mobile App Questions


MLNMobile Apple

MLNMobile Android

You can also find it on Amazon.


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Mobile App

Here is what the app has to offer:

  • Search the catalog and place holds as soon as you hear that recommendation or spot your next read.
  • Keep tabs on your account - renew your items and manage holds on the go.
  • A digital library card, always on your phone.
  • Explore vast collections of digital content Minuteman provides 24/7 with no late fees!
  • Thousands of eBooks,streaming movies, digital magazines, and premium subscription resources for lifelong learning.
  • Connect with us - find your library and use one touch calling, contact forms and social media.
  • Look up your library's hours or get instant navigation to the library.
  • Find out what's happening at your library - event information at your fingertips.

What are the minimum requirements?

The Apple app requires an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch running iOS version 7 or higher. The Android app requires a phone or tablet running Android version 4 or higher. The Android app is also available in the Amazon appstore and will work on 2nd generation Kindle Fire tablets and newer.

What can I do with it?

  • Search and browse our collection
  • Place holds on physical items
  • Check out digital items
  • Use your digital library card at checkout
  • Search by scanning an ISBN or UPC code
  • Manage your account - renew items; cancel, freeze, and unfreeze holds; view and pay fines; receive push notifications about account activity
  • Browse and search our calendar of events
  • Contact us with one touch calling, contact forms, social media, and library information
  • Discover premium subscription resources for lifelong learning

What can't I do with it?

We've packed a lot into our app, but some things are still just in the Encore catalog.

  • Reading lists
  • Reading history
  • Account information updates and password changes
  • Advanced searching functions

What about a mobile friendly catalog?

Minuteman's Encore catalog is also mobile friendly but it does not include the rich features that the app offers like your Event Calendar, or your library's policies or the ability to get a digital library card.

What about a Windows app?

We started with Apple iOS and Android because they are by far the most prevalent mobile platforms. We also have a mobile friendly catalog.

How is the Scan ISBN function supposed to work?

If your device has an auto-focus camera, you can scan barcodes on books you find at a store or on your friends' bookshelf to see if Minuteman has a copy!

Some things to know:

  • This is designed to work with ISBN numbers (typically associated with books) and UPC numbers (more common with movies and music CDs).

  • Our catalog records don't have every possible code for every work, so if you don't find something with this tool, it doesn't necessarily mean we don't have it. We may have it in a different format, for example, an ebook instead of a physical book, or a DVD instead of a Blu-ray. So, if you don't find a match, try using a few keywords from the title and/or author.

  • The scanning uses your camera. It only works with autofocusing cameras. Point it at the "UPC" barcode and make sure you can see the whole barcode. Pause and let the camera focus. When it "sees" it, it will automatically scan the barcode, close the camera and give you a result. You don't have to press a button to take a picture. If it isn't automatically scanning or you are not offered the option of using the camera, then your device doesn't have an auto-focus camera. You can type the number instead.

Why does the app require all these permissions like access to SMS, Camera and External Storage?

We are dedicated to protecting patron's privacy. However, in order for the app to function smoothly, access to certain device features needs to be enabled.

Here are some more details about that:

The Camera is required for SCAN ISBN camera functionality.

SMS is required for libraries who want Text Us capabilities.

External Storage is required to cache cover images for Featured Items/Databases and Catalog Search results.

Question: We have to scroll to choose our pickup location in the app every time. Why?

Answer: The functionality to choose a default pickup location and have it "stick" is not available for Android. It is, however, enabled for Apple devices.

We have to scroll to choose our pickup location in the app every time. Why?

The functionality to choose a default pickup location and have it "stick" is not available for Android. It is, however, enabled for Apple devices.

What do the colors in My account mean?

Some items in your account are highlighted. Green is for items ready for pickup. Red is for overdue items or bills. Blue is for frozen holds.

I am not seeing the option to scan an ISBN when I click on Scan ISBN, why?

Some devices, including iPad 2 and iPhone 4, do not have auto-scan cameras so they cannot read barcodes.

Why is my Digital Library Card failing to scan?

If your digital barcode is not scanning, try increasing your device's screen brightness.

Why do I get different search results in the app compared to catalog on the library website?

The app and the online catalog each use a different algorithm for searching. You may notice differences in the ranking and results, the same way you get differences in the results of search engines like Google and Yahoo! Search.

I used my current library card number to log into the app but when I go for the Digital Library Card and Mobile Link, it pulls up my previous library card.

You may have several barcodes listed your library account record, and the app software does not know which one is current. Please contact the staff at your home libary.

Why is the App Rated 17+ on Apple iTunes?.

Apple requires us to check off certain features or content information about the app such as whether it has Gambling or Violence. Once of the features is called "Unrestricted Web Access", meaning you provide a browser and users can navigate to any pages with links on the web (Facebook, Twitter, etc). Selecting "YES" for this automatically puts it in the 17+ Rating Category for iTunes, we cannot change this. Android does not have this issue, its rated for Everyone.

Who do I contact for additional help with the app?

If the above answers did not address your questions or the app is not working properly, please contact your librarian. For best results, please let them know your device details like type (Apple/Andriod), (Android/Apple), model (LG-4 / iPad 3), and operating system (OS) version (Android 4, iOS 8, etc). Screenshots are also very useful.
If you are experiencing issues with My Account or Holds, you may need to provide your account information.